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Ha Ha Funny

Link of the year: Best Pie Chart EVAHHHHH. Don't try to deny it.

Oh my god this is hysterical.   I laughed so hard it hurts.  Read the front page about Weight Watchers cards from the 1970s and then browse.   I especially love SnappyMack and from there you MUST click on "do worse".

I LOVE the cartoon movies at Send him some mon-ay, willya?

Do you like Dance Dance Revolution? Thank the Lord for this!

Dictionaraoke is the best! It's like text-to-speech meets midi. All the words are taken from the pronunciation soundfiles from online dictionaries. Not all the songs are good, but try "Girl from Ipanema" for a terrific example. I love it!

Funny Weird, mostly

I love to play at and and and
They all have artsy-cool Flash things, where moving your mouse around makes cool stuff happen. More or less.

Run, man.  Over to Hooray for The Brunching Shuttlecocks. Um, scratch that. They seem to have taken a hammer to the forebrain. Try spending your time at McSweeney's Internet Tendency instead. Don't forget the Brain Exploder.

I've just decided to take a liking to spelling mistakes cost lives. The image at left; it's his. Lots of funny weird, for sure.

Also a little freaky, but a good way to blow five or six minutes: take this quiz. I got 7 out of 10 on my first try, as did every single other person I know who took it.

Not funny; geeky.

Want geeky fun? Try Theodore Gray - look at his Periodic Table Table or his Sodium Party.
Math Geek? Computer Science Geek? You must love Don Knuth and this commemoration.

Cool optical illusions to make you distrust your eyes.

Erica has few friends. Erica has a few friends?

JJD, of course.
Larry "Cold Turkey" Denenberg. No thanks, I'm trying to quit.
My darling former bellydance teacher in Boston: Seyyide Sultan
Got sculpture? Gideon does incredible work. If you want something extremely beautiful and smart and personal, commission him. Wedding bands, even!
The best folksinging duo around. We love Big Blue Sky.
Cotton "One Bad" Seed
Sat Guru and Siri Tapa
I love Jessie Rae and her music!
Debbie's lovely jewelry and Darin's designs.
You don't have to be Jewish to be Jewcy. Oy gevalt.

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