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Random Stuff

Ok, I seem to have a blog. If you don't know where it is, ask and I'll tell you!

Want to buy a book or a CD or a Segway? Use this link to get to Amazon and I'll get a little kick-back, regardless of what you buy, yippee!!

For many years I was an "engineering linguist" for Comverse in the Speech Portal Voice Solutions Division.

Here is the requisite links page.

Got money? Attention millionaires!

Donate money to the Erica Goldman fund! I promise to use your money to better enjoy my life. I will dance, teach, learn, read, run, cook. You will be able to feel personally responsible for bringing more joy into the world. I accept many payment methods! E-me for more details. :^>

Don't got a lot of money, but still want to bring more joy into the world? Here's Erica's Wish List. This link also works on February 21st, my birthday... in case you were wondering. I like paperbacks way better than hardcovers, and used books in good shape are always welcome. ;)

Look, I'm famous!

Look, I'm on WEEDS (on Showtime)! Yeah, seriously: season 2, episode 6, "Crush Girl Love Panic". Pretty damn cool. You can see that Uncle Andy wants me.

Look, I'm an aerobics instructor! Oh wait, no I'm not. But you gotta love the Britney Spears headset. I made it into a local paper in 2004, teaching at the Brandeis-Bardin Open House. If that link stops working, you can still see the front page and the article.

Look, I'm a Blue Man! Oh wait, no I'm not. See here.

Look, I'm in Stomp! Oh wait, no I'm not. And no quotation fame this time.

Are you Kat?

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