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Israeli dance with Erica!

MONDAYS - the popular "mostly couples" session
8pm - 12midnight
2244 Westwood Boulevard
(between Pico and Olympic)
Our NEW DANCE WEBSITE is up and running. Take a look!

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So, here's what's here:

Dance stuff:

including a page with pictures from some past performances (always out of date, this page is) and general info about my dance life.

Book stuff:

what I'm reading and 10 years of

Other stuff:

Links, etc. A colorful spreadsheet of where I've lived, for no good reason. Etc.

Ok, Alon, Ok: Kids at play! (And, still here from 2004, the inimitable Men Six.)

..and, my new favorite song. Yours too. Ani makir et kulam. (Click to watch or right-click to download. It's big; be warned.)


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