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What's Erica read this decade?

A nearly-accurate summary with highlights.
2011 34 books read A record low, and not a whole lot of great stuff, though the series of translations was fun. Best-loved? The Elegance of the Hedgehog, To The End of the Land, and The Twenty-One Balloons.
2010 47 books read The year of 4 marathons and many many books about, or which take place in, India.
2009 38 books read This was the year I read all four of the Twilight series books. Not sure if I even get credit for the good stuff, considering. (WHY DID IT END? GIVE ME MORE!) (Just kidding.) (Sorta.)
2008 44 books read I loved Eat, Pray, Love so just shut up. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and The Pillars of the Earth.
2007 55 books read LOTS of great stuff, including A Tale of Two Cities, The Moon and Sixpence, The Corrections, and The History of Love.
2006 39 books read notably The Princess Bride, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Frankenstein, and The Satanic Verses
2005 40 books read A year of beautiful books: Truth & Beauty and The Time Traveler's Wife, and Everything is Illuminated
2004 38 books read Only War and Peace. Only not really only. Also Unintended Consequences and Madame Bovary, for two.
2003 40 books read The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay and this was the year I really read the Bible, one parsha every Friday night.
2002 43 books read Anna Karenina! and The Brothers Karamazov! and Of Mice and Men! AND Infinite Jest. What a year.

I have here lists of just about every book I've read in past years, though some years are nicely formatted and some are a big mess. One day I'll get them all looking nice, but when? Oh yeah, the 23rd...

Here we go. This is some thrilling stuff, folks! We have: 2011, 2010, 2009, and 2008 in reverse order, 2007 and 2006, pretty clean, and 2005, very messy. We have 2004, also messy but slightly more interesting. Here is 2003 and 2002, which I think aren't as bad.

Hey, what's your favorite book ever? What would you recommend as a Great Book to just about anyone? E-me!

By the way, the reason these books are all hyperlinked to their pages on is that I'm an "associate", meaning that if you click through to amazon using any of the links on this page and then buy *anything* (even if it's NOT the item I have hyperlinked), then I get "credit" for having referred you in and I get some little percent of what you spend. So I LOVE IT WHEN YOU CLICK THROUGH! Please do it all the time, every time you want to buy something on amazon, come here first! You're the best!  

You can also use this link to Amazon's main page to buy anything and I'll get a kick-back, yippee!!

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